Blank pages and missing styles on IIS websites

Blank pages and missing styles on IIS websites

I just downloaded a Sencha ExtJs application from a customer’s test-server to check some new features of the API I’m currently working on. A few weeks ago I reset my dev-environment and since then I came across some issues with the WebApi docu pages (the styles were missing) but never took the time to check the reason.

But back to the web application. The download has finished and so I entered the URL into my browser. Nothing happened … empty page … not even a message in the console … http status code 200 … ????
empty page

My APIs hosted on the same IIS are still working fine (except for the docu page) so there must be something wrong with the configuration or the feature installation. Maybe I forgot something during the reset of my dev-evironment? Let’s check the IIS installation in the Windows features dialog:

Oh there it is … the static content service is not installed. This service is responsible for serving static contents like styles, images, scripts, etc. That’s also the reason why my docu pages aren’t showing in a proper way.

After installing the missing service both my web application and the api docu pages work well.
application is fine


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