Monatliches Archiv: Februar 2017

Raise the Xamarin.Forms-Button clicked event in a renderer.

I just wrote a renderer to use a Hyperlink-Button in my Xamarin.Forms application. Since the default representation of a button on iOS uses a hyperlink style there’s no need to create an iOS renderer. So here’s my UWP renderer: [assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(LinkButton), typeof(LinkButtonRenderer))] namespace InventoryCatalogApp.Windows10.Renderers {     public class LinkButtonRenderer : ViewRenderer<LinkButton, HyperlinkButton>     {         #region Overrides of ViewRenderer<LinkButton,HyperlinkButton>         protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<LinkButton> e)...

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Serialize an Entity Framework entity to JSON (Newtonsoft.Json)

Everytime when it comes to serializing an entity the navigation properties may lead to circular references and crashing the serialization process. Of course there’re configuration settings that can be adjusted but I wanted a solution for any developer consuming these entities should be able to json-serialize them. Well there’re quite a lot arguments against serializing and using entities in a web service but also at...

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