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Xamarin.Forms Gesture-Pattern-Login

Currently I’m working on an APP for one of my customers where we need the opportunity to sign in using a gesture-pattern. Since I was not able to find an existing Xamarin.Forms solution to serve all platforms on the web I created my very own one. You find the whole source code of my Xamarin.Forms GesturePatternView on GitHub. From a design perspective it’s quite Android-like....

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Xamarin.Forms won’t navigate to a view containing a Telerik RadListView

Yesterday I came accross a fantastic weird behavior with the Telerik RadListView for Xamarin.Forms. Here’s my setup: Xamarin.Forms Telerik UI for Xamarin Q3 2016 Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 Issue: Navigating to the view which contains the RadListView is correctly called in the code but not firing in the APP (= the new page won’t show up). There’s neither an error displayed in the...

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Share NuGet Packages between Visual Studio solutions

NuGet is getting more and more important in a (Visual Studio/Xamarin Studio) developers life. So we all come to the point, when we use NuGet packages in some core-libraries which we share across assemblies in multiple solutions. By default, the packages are stored in the packages-folder in the solution’s root folder. So if you use project X both in solution A and solution B the...

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